Creativity in Mobility to Feign off Passivity

Even though people consume content on mobile differently than on other mediums, we see that mobile ads are still being produced according to the rules of TV or print.

While the future will not fit in the containers of the past, it will take new shapes that open up new opportunities. The following is an infograph that demonstrates this new reality.

The following implications are being driven by the shifts
we have illustrated in the infograph.

Implication 1: Use data as a creative muse

Implication 2: Reimagine storytelling

Implication 3: Use visual cues

Implication 4: Mix and match your assets

Implication 5: Design integrated campaigns that allow for versatility

Conclusion: Play more and plan more

Over the last decade, we have seen a dramatic change
in the way people are consuming content—especially
content on mobile. The experience of content on mobile
is non-linear and leading to faster, more frequent and
personalized experiences. People are increasingly
communicating in a visual language, especially through
photos and video.

We have also learned that the cognitive load of mobile
is different than that of TV and that mobile is not a
homogenous experience, with different platforms
having different effects.

Research on these shifts and our understanding of how
people use mobile have led us to five implications for
building ads for mobile.