Social media services: A D Social’s masterful management of social media channels provides business with a strong social media presence. A D Social develops a social media plan. With the your goals clearly on mind, A D Social identifies the most suitable social media site(s) for your business.

Once A D Social decides which sites to ​use, we build the profile page there. Provide information that will enable the business to build relationships. Make your posts and comments interesting enough to motivate people to come to your website or subscribe to your updates.

Consider updates on social media sites as updates to your business plan.

Social Networks
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AD Social monitors what’s being said about your company. The process of social listening allows AD Social to devise a strategy that will better influence your customers. With social listening, businesses don’t have to ask customers what they want; just listen in on their conversations and use these insights to figure out what they need.

AD Social creates content for your business to target and attract desired interest. AD Social conducts searches to find out about trending topics and conversations, leverages what social media network businesses customers use, utilizes online tools to boost the attention of posts and Paid Ads. AD Social creates marketing campaigns using contests and sweepstakes that reach across multiple platforms, generating leads and awareness of the business and its products and services while obtaining data results in real time. The business also learns who is communicating about your company to their friends.

AD Social offers custom media packages on a subscription basis at affordable rates to allow a long term social media presence. Keep in mind, building a page on a social media site and then abandoning it conveys a negative message. However, businesses marketing budgets may be small and though the business may want to reap the benefits of a strong social media presence they may not have a budget for a long term campaign. AD Social mitigates this by providing business with short term and long term subscriptions.



There are 3 groups of small business owners when it comes to social media: the ones that are way behind the curve, the ones that are trying to do it themselves but not quite getting it yet, and the ones that spent a lot of time keeping up with it but don’t have enough time to do it themselves. In which group do you belong?

Take our  5  minute social media assessment questionnaire below and find out.

These are the most commonly used social media channels.
Provide your company website
A mission statement underpinning your digital marketing objectives.
Engagement rate or number of follower are KPI's (key performing indicators).
Description of who follows you on a particular social media channel. Example is age, gender, and location.