Content Marketing  Framework

Content marketing drives social media engagement and influences audiences without sounding sales pitchy. Curated content and created content will be leveraged in online channels; social media platforms, email’s and website news blog. Through these forms of content, your company brand message will be integrated and effectively communicated to a target audience. Strategic user-generated content placed natively within the right platform will position your company as the newest social network facilitating pals . Build brand awareness by shaping perceptions of your company’s offerings and services. Skilled content writers spearhead all content creation and curated content.


  • Photography Session
  • Slideshows 60 Sec’s.
  • Cinemagrapgh (Living Photos)
  • Videography Session
  • Gif’s
  • Curated Content
  • Copywritting
  • Content Type: Infomative, Entertaining, Testimonals, Company News, Events, Sponsorships, Employee Spotlight,Interesting, and TBT.
  • Web Copy
  • After Effects Logo Video


User-Generated In Content Marketing

User-generated & community-user generated content is existing content that is located and is repurposed by augmenting it with your company’s own content rather than replacing it. The goal is to share the repurposed content to an audience that will find it helpful and relevant and thereby exerting a degree of influence upon them. Doing so will require curating content from sources within the auto industry. Provided that we obtain the author’s permission to copy the content and give credit unless otherwise. Back links to the original site would be given.

(Example of sources: news aggregator like Feedly ).Share perspectives on industry news and trends, helpful travel guides & how-to’s and articles which reflect your company’s vision.


Evergreen Content Approach

Created content is original content communicating your company’s services in a variety of formats. Local event guides, event surveys, restaurant ratings, things to do trends, popular happiness topics, cost of friend outings, historic information on friendships and happiness, issues and current events about friends, social events, concerts, foodies. Visual communication will be achieved using compelling images, short videos, listicles and infographics. Content created that is evergreen content. That is, content that is common and does not need to be updated. For example, 3 rules joggers adhere to when making a running at night with a pal.

Benefits of Content

User-generated & Community-user-generated Posts– The primary goal of having one is to educate potential leads with expertise tips and advice. If consumers feel they are receiving information of value – especially when it is free – they will be more likely to want to purchase from your company site. Blog posts impacts ranking in Google; it increases the likelihood of your content coming up high in search results. The ability for consumers to post questions to topics that confuse them demands you answering them which in turn lends itself to additional commenting. More comments attract the attention of Google. The subscription offer is a great way to capture leads.

SEO – Targeting relevant keywords in INTEREST posts and in your company’s site will help more potential subscriber be found in search engines. Guest blogging to create backlinks to your company’s site and listings in online directories.

Now a days with so many competing with one another for eyeballs content marketing closes the gap. Content marketing is the bridge between social media marketing and traditional marketing. Fewer and fewer people are using traditional marketing as a way to reach customers. It is an ineffective and costly to do so. 

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.