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Social Media Streaming is Taking Off

What is Live streaming ? It refers to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time to the viewer. It is often simply referred to as streaming (Source Wikipedia ).

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Audiences demand live video, and it’s easy to see why. Live video adds a human touch to posts that text and images can’t compete with. According to a survey, conducted by New York Magazine, 80% of respondents would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

Livestreaming events is one of the fastest growing ways to promote your company event, product launch, or your annual company meetings. It is extremely engaging and the audience feel close and intimate while watching a live event. Audience attention span last longer as a result of feeling so connected to the live stream of an event.

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“Every time I set up my equipment for live streaming, everything goes off without a hitch. And anyone helping with the stream always knows exactly what steps they should take—in exactly the right order!”

Let me guess—this is probably not something you’ve ever said about your live stream!

Regardless of whether you’re new to live streaming or you’ve done it many times before, things have a tendency to go wrong or break inexplicably. Equipment can be finicky, software can have issues, and streams can cut out due to unforeseen circumstances.

Even though you can’t predict everything that could happen during a live stream, you can greatly reduce the risk of something bad happening by using a live streaming checklist. This checklist will help you:

• Avoid a potential disaster that you may be currently unprepared for.
• Create a consistent prestreaming schedule that will make your setup much easier.
• Train volunteers or employees to fill in due to turnover, sick time, vacation, or scheduling issues.

No matter the reason, having a tangible checklist that everyone involved in the streaming process can reference easily and regularly can be a lifesaver. If you  implement the checklist as a routine part of your live streaming pre-event setup, you won’t be wondering whether or not you set something up correctly (or set it up at all!).

Our checklist covers two distinct areas: technology (the things you’ll need
in your camera bag ahead of time) and prep (the things you’ll need to remember as you get ready to live stream an event). Print off these lists to distribute or send them to your team online so everyone will be ready for the live stream ahead of time!

Preface: You can (and should) customize your equipment checklist based on your organization’s wants and needs. Below, we’ve organized the equipment you’ll need at a minimum as well as some optional equipment you may want to consider adding now or down the road.

Any streaming provider worth their salt should be able to help you determine what you need on a case-by-case basis—so be sure to ask them for their recommendations!

Before you can broadcast your event, you need to select the right video source. There are several good options:

• A single camera on a tripod, which is the most common option.
• A tablet or smartphone, which may be used if you’re just getting started or you’re streaming a video without a physical location for your event.
• Multiple sources and multiple cameras, for events that require several camera angles or incorporate graphics, lower-thirds, score bugs or other additional items for an enhanced user experience.

Remember—if you’re following a pre-event checklist, be prepared to adapt. This checklist is a great tool that can be immensely helpful to eliminate variables and keep you and your team on track. But as you know, you can’t foresee every potential issue! It’s always possible for something to quit working unexpectedly that you’ll have to fix on the fly, so you should be prepared to troubleshoot your live stream before, during, and after your event.
If you’re looking for a partner to guide and assist you through the live streaming process, let’s talk! At Anita Davila Social, we stream more than dozens of live events every year with an emphasis on providing outstanding support and memorable experiences.

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