Luxury Market

Sample of email marketing of luxury condo in New York City’s tallest building.

Email marketing can be an effective tool to get your listing in front of potential real estate brokers and prospects. With so many email marketing automation software to choose from it can feel a bit daunting. Do not despair, they are only two types you need to focus your energy on and that is Mailchimp and Constant Contact. I know there is also some other real estate email marketing software’s out there such as Rezor Marketing and  Fast Email Flyers, but the problem with them is that they have their limitations as far as capability and scalability is concerned.  However, both Mailchimp and Constant Contact have lots of integrations with a variety of apps that give your email marketing that extra oomph!

Sample Of Email Marketing – Client Ibrahim Guildiken
Sample Of Banner Ad – Client located in South Florida
Luxury Condo Banner Ad – Client in Australia

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