We help Miami’s top business exponentially grow their traffic. With social media marketing and SEO strategies. We are a leading digital marketing agency.


Social media’s impact has transformed how business is conducted, and its use by local businesses to extend their markets continues to explode.

Do you know that millions of local business pages created in Facebook since May 2013? That is a 100 percent increase from 8 million in June 2012 on Facebook.

Throughout South Florida, Anita Davila Social grows a business’s social media brand with a dedicated staff of digital experts in social media management and reputation management. An iconic shipyard, RMK Merrill-Stevens partners with Anita Davila Social to build out their boating community, create word-of-mouth, generate leads, drive website traffic, and produce sales.


To repeat, Anita Davila Social helps small, medium or large business with simple or advanced social media management. For instance, we use content marketing to reach relevant audience and develop a social media community of loyal customers.


In other words, growing a business with social media marketing is a full time effort. Let us handle it for you.



A little about us; we are a team of Miami digital marketing experts.  We recognize the need of businesses to connect with customers in real-time or risk losing their customers to competitors.

Together as one, we collaborate to create captivating social media posts that convert to customers. Tweet at the right time to a target audience. Engage fans, educate followers, entertain friends, inform the community with your brand message in mind. Again, we convert those fans from followers to customers.


Driven by the inspiration of social media, the pack of digital marketers reshaped into a network of freelance social media marketing gurus specializing in social media strategies and content creation. Becoming pioneers in packaging social media strategies and content together into readily available and affordable products bringing value to a wider group of business.


Although public relations and advertising agencies have been meeting the need for social media services for some time, A D Social is solely dedicated to social media holistically. Another difference between agencies/firms and A D Social is that agencies assign smaller budget dollars to social media in comparison to traditional marketing channels limiting their level of service.

Agencies and firms have long relied on TV, radio and print media in order for them to stay profitable. However, their profit margins are now being threaten by social networks who offer inexpensive advertising at scale. Therefore, it is in their best interest to sway marketing dollars towards traditional marketing instead of social media.
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Due to A D Social’s cohesive approach towards social media,    A D Social fills a social media gap for its clients and it is a gap that is growing wider. Today social media outpaces traditional media in audience size and quality. In the eyes of clients, A D Social serves as an extension to a coveted audience.
The business philosophy is based on strong ethics and value supported by social media marketing solutions that guarantee actions, create engagement, increase online and offline traffic or word-of-mouth and reap savings.














































A D Social’s masterful management of social media channels provides business with a strong social media presence. A D Social develops a social media plan. With the your goals clearly on mind, A D Social identifies the most suitable social media site(s) for your business. Continue reading “SERVICES”



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